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Jewel at Schlachte

The ground shakes and everything has a thin red dust movie set. From one of the premises behind by the sound of a jackhammer in the hall is heard. Where is to be played in the future in a modern setting poker and roulette, characterize today concrete, cracked ceilings and steel beams of the building.

The conversion for the new casino in Bremen runs smoothly. Long before the road number 38 to 42, there are two wells for construction debris. Repeatedly put workers stones and tiles in wheelbarrows outside. The building, according to Franz Hirthammer 104 years old. For future use as a casino irish eyes 2 scratch are needed. For example, the statics are repaired using numerous steel beams and columns.

There have already been installed in addition to 50 tons of metal. Hirthammer is the director of the Office Building at West Game, which also runs the casino. In the past, the casino game was declined sharply, so that the people responsible have counseled about moving the casino. In 2002, total revenue from gambling or EUR 25 million, seven years later, it was less than half. The located in Böttcherstrasse site was therefore considered to problematic because no one had the chance to get the car to the game.

Highlight the Bremen mind games to move had been five years ago to spread the approval for the new casino and the former Space Park with the support of American investors to raise a casino in Las Vegas style. Ever since February last year, the operators have the new site at Schlachte firmly in mind. Bremen previously been a number of possible sites selected and classified as not suitable, such as in front of the overseas city. Now focus Hirthammer and Wiebeck which cares as one of two directors to the casino slot game in Breitenweg, her concentration on the 3rd December.

This date is, if all goes, planned for the opening of the casino. The focus of the works currently is the future game room with about 50 m2, which is completely covered with glass. It also reflects upon completion However, please no more daylight, so Wiebeck. To increase the space yet, the builders have broken walls located next to the rooms. A novelty of this new casino will be that this traditional games like poker and roulette can be played together with machines. That was entirely new.

At that time they had assumed that both bids would herlocken different audiences. Now West game relies on the complementarity of the deals. The terminals will be located at the edge, separated by glass. Hirth Ammers project is already in July to provide the structural steel and masonry work done, and will then start with the technical stuff. The renovation of the old house is anything but easy. One must constructively fetch anything was possible. For example, the supporting columns are still protected by steel.

The ceiling is also included, which is in some places already sagging and supported. You experience every day new surprises. For interior heard loudly Wiebeck a cavity floor, which is provided for the supply lines. The style of the interior is according to him, in spite of the historical building, go in a modern direction. In contrast to the stucco ornaments, some of which are more than six feet tall. Broadly confirm Hirthammer and Wiebeck that West game incorporates 10 million euros in the construction of the slaughters. For it, so Hirthammer, the interior will fit the situation.

This would result in an exclusive location and a wonderful thing. In consultation with the nurse for the country monuments receives the building, which is privately owned, a second input for Slaughter. It ultimately aims to draw from the many pedestrians on the side of the Weser its benefits, warns Wiebeck. Plans for a Schlachte input, which elements of the original facade resumes, there were before the war ever. The move will halt the decline of the West game sales.

Wiebeck who comes regularly to the site, has a good feeling that the project with the new casino is going well, because of these facilities go a fascination. It's a safe in the spaces provided, in which everything in the future will move to the big money. It is quite an old model, which consists of white lacquered metal and a bit of an old refrigerator is similar. The workers found him by chance behind a casing, the new vault is not there yet.


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